Saturday, September 29, 2012

My minutes at the fair continue!

In my last post I left everyone waiting anxiously at the fair.  I thought my posting was starting to get long and rambling so I thought I should cut it back!  Thanks for the feedback so far.  I have adjusted my comment verification word again, and within minutes I received about 10 spam comments.  So even though I have still left off the verification word, your comments will come to me first for moderation.   I hope that works for everyone because I do so love all your feedback.

Now back to the fair!  I think I have worked my way around the perimeter of the room, now it's on to the tables in the middle! 

My next stop was at the table of Anabela Miniaturas.  Her work is absolutely lovely, I wanted it all....but at last I had to settle for two items, but then in the end I snuck back for a third item.  My first purchase was the lovely carpet bag.  It will be a great addition to the bedroom of my dollhouse.  Then I spied the most detailed little tassels.  For my castle room I am making a pair of curtains drawn back as you enter the tower room.  I have to make tie backs, and these little tassels will work perfect on the tiebacks.  They are laid across the back of the chair if you can't see the tassels!

Later I went back and purchased the bundle of stacked linens I had saw on my first visit to the table.  Here's a close up of them.  Aren't they just perfect.  They will also go in the dollhouse, either in the main bedroom or the closet of the bathroom.  I just love the attention to detail on them, and they are pressed perfectly flat.  Check out the link above for more of her wonderful work. 

She was a joy to speak with and even though I nearly scared her off with my $50 Euro note (I had just been to visit the Bank of Jeff just before I went to her table) I was able to go back and get smaller notes so that I didn't clear out all her change. We need a float when working at a fair!!
Next I saw a table with glassware.  Thinking I had found the same vendor from before I had to go back.  But to my surprise it was a new vendor, with exquisitely made glassware.  This vendor was Artesania En Vidrio.  They have wonderfully made pieces, there was so much to choose from, but after two visits to the table, I finally decided on this beautifully made footed fruit bowl.  Here's a close up of the piece.
Take the time and check out their web site because they have fantastic pieces including punch bowls with all the cups, ice buckets, vases and so much more.  It's exquisite.
Next I found Eva of Handmade of Eva Perendreu.  A face I recognize because I read her blog.  I introduced myself and in our mini way we communicated and best we could.  She has so many fantastic miniatures.  I loved her miniature shells, and even though these aren't a handmade item of hers I could see so many uses in my minis for them and just had to have a bag of them.
I've purchased mini shells before, but these are the smallest ones I have ever seen.  Someone has been busy collecting these on the beaches!  Eva, thanks for your wonderful welcome at the fair, it was nice to make the connection.

My next visit was to the table of My French Cuisine.  They had wonderful miniature molds for pastery making, and I so regret not picking up some of them.  Actually my funds were running low and I didn't think the Bank of Jeff was going to spot me for another time!  But since I have been collecting bottles for a future wine celler project I just had to have this wonderful bottle.  Yes, it's champagne and not wine, but who's going to look that closely!  I just love it.  Here's a close up.
They also have an Etsy store as well as the blog listed above.  Check this out also.  They are closed on holidays right now, but due to open any day.
Next I visited Sophia Miniatures table.  Again I purchaed more trims and cords, but this time I also got these wonderful rose buds and taller flowers.  I think these are import flowers, but I could be corrected on this.  I am basing this on the price, because they were very inexpensive.  I know they will work great in the garden shed project.  It was a busy table, but it was worth the wait to get the items.
The remaining items I purchased at the fair were supplies, but still worth noting. I got this wonderful grab bag of assorted laces and trims from Maria Barbon (Sorry I tore the label trying to open up the bag). The bag contained ribbons, and trims perfect to use as bullion fringe and other great laces.  Maria is a dollmaker, but since I don't collect dolls, it's still nice to get these trims to use in my projects.  Check out her blog.  She does exquisite work.
The next table I visited was Minithings from  They had the most unique trims that could be used to edge windows, mirrors, furniture etc.  It's made from paper and finished with a gold paint.  I purchaed these two packages thinking I might be able to use them as stair rods.  Just an idea, if it doesn't work it has so many other possibilities.  Here's a close up of them.  (Sorry for the glare from the camera flash).  Check out their site for many wonderful products that have so many uses.
By this time my husband informed me that my time was up, I can't believe he is still telling me that I was there for hours.  It still feels like just ten minutes.  There were so many other tables that I wanted to go back to that were so busy I was there it was impossible to get to their tables.  I am sorry I was able to make it back. 

I hope in some way I have returned the kindness I found in Barcelona by promoting these wonderful artisans on my blog in the last several postings.  Please take the time and visit the links provided.

A big thank you to another Eva, Eva Fernandez at  She so kindly provided me with all the names and addresses of the miniature stores before I left for my trip.  When I got to go to the fair, simply because of a delayed flight, I was sad to have missed her there.  She was there the entire day, but our paths did not cross.  It will have to be another day for that visit.  Also thank you for filling in the blank on so much information in the past several postings when I didn't know the names or web sites for these wonderful artisans.

I so loved my time in Barcelona, and wish I could go back tomorrow.  I wish I had gotten the time to find miniatures in the other European cities we visited as well, but these were visited on one day shore excursions with groups of people, who probably wouldn't have tolerated me wanting to find miniature stores in every city.  But stay tuned, I did find a miniature museum in Italy.  I'll post about that on another day.

A big welcome to all the new followers, I am so pleased you have taken the time to follow my blog and my ramblings.

Until the next time....


malu2 said...

Te felicito por todas tus compras!! todas son preciosas! Me alegro mucho que tu estancía en mi ciudad fuera tan especíal, yo también estuve en la Feria de miniaturas los dos días, una pena no haberte conocido.
Muchas gracías por tus fotos y tu informacíon, me ha gustado mucho leerte estos días, algunas de las artesanas que has nombrado las conozco personalmente y sus miniaturas son espectaculares!!
Un beso de las Malu´s.

otterine said...

What fantastic finds!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Of course, it always goes by too fast.

Lucille said...

LOL! Hahahaha! I wonder if your husband knew he was leaving for a huge shopping expedition when the two of you left for the cruise! You must have felt like a kid in a candy store. I get a kick out of that photo of you in front of the miniature store. You have such a happy grin on your face. And, who wouldn't. Lucky you! Such beautiful things you found. Now you can start having fun with them. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

Fabiola said...

You've found many treasures. I love the glassware.
Kiss Faby

Simon said...

FIrstly Wanda, your posts weren't getting too long - you can never have too much of good thing!!
Secondly, what wonderful little treasures you picked up. I love he bag on the floor next to the chair. The colours all tone very well together.
Have a great weekend

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Beautiful purchases! I like the bottle of wine - looks very realistic!

dalesdreams said...

What fun! Great purchases and you got to meet Eva! :)

carmen said...

buenas compras, yo también estuve por allí los dos días...

John said...

Thanks for sharing your new acquisitions as well as the new links! Looks like you'll be spending long hours placing everything into gorgeous settings...have fun!

Ascension said...

Me encantan tus compras, que pena no haberte conocido en la feria.
Me alegro de que disfrutases de la feria.
besitos ascension

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
Once more, you have outstanding taste. you really chsoe wonderful pieces and everything l;ooks just gorgeous.
I can't await to see everything in a setting.
Big hug,

Eva said...

Love these two posts.It is like I was on the Fair again :) You really bought pretty miniatures
By the way Thank you so much for linking my blog.
I spend hours looking for these mini shells in Minorca beaches (a Balearian island in the Mediterranean sea)
If you come one day to Barcelona, let me know. Perhaps we can have a coffee and chat a talk about minis a little bit more :)

James said...

Thanks so much for sharing with us! You seem to have an eye for these things! Look great! :)

maria l. said...

El sillón es precioso
Te deseo un buen 2013

Norma said...

You really are the queen of mini shopping. Lots of wonderful treasures. And thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

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