Saturday, September 22, 2012

My trip to Ananda

I had said at the end of my last posting that after our trip to Drap, we had walked to two other miniature stores in Barcelona, to find out that they were closed.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) we had to leave after that for our Mediterrenean cruise, but no worries I still had two extra days in Barcelona at the end of our vacation thanks to a cancellation by our airline! Yippee!!

As soon as we departed the ship and were safely checked back in our hotel, we headed out again to the two miniature stores.  The next on my list was Ananda cases i nines.  I was absolutely overwhelmed with the wonderful selection.  The lady who served me (sorry I failed to get her name) was wonderful, and they had this wonderful little dog to keep us entertained during our visit as well.

Again I picked up lots of miniatures from local artisans, including those directly involved with Ananda.  We struggled through our language barrier, so hopefully I have recorded all the information on the artisans correctly.  Please feel free to correct me or add more, I would greatly appreciate it.

You can see I got a little carried away again.  The table and chair are from my own collection and just used as props to showcase my purchases again.

The yummy looking cake was made by Judith Tarruella.  I understand from Ananda's website she is one of four artisans affiliated with the store.  Doesn't the case look great sitting on the counter of my bakery?

Judith also made the lovely basket of breads and bag of breads sitting proudly on the shelf outside my bakery window.  I had hoped to put the carrier bad of bread in the bike I had painted, but unfortunately the bag was a little large for it.  I may build a box for the back of the bike and try it there.  But for now it looks great on the shelf.

Next was the work of Pilar Sampietro, one of the co-owners of Ananda.  Here are some close ups of these pieces.

I just loved the embroidery frame with the sewing supplies.  I even purchased a few extra spools to lay around.  I am hoping to use this either in my dollhouse bedroom or the castle room.  Still haven't decided yet.
The two pillows are planned to go in the dollhouse bedroom and I am hoping to use the hat boxes either in the same room or the ladies shop that has yet to be built.  (I have the kit and many of the pieces for the interior already, I know, as the name of my blog says, SO MINI PROJECTS!)
Don't you just love the metal chair with the floral arrangement and the fern.  Both are made at Ananda as well, but I am unsure which artisan.  Maybe someone can help here again.  The chair will definitely be placed outside the garden shed, but I plan to use the fern in the castle room.

The jar of cookies, which you can barely see in the first picture.  I thought they would be a great addition to my bakery.  I understand from the lady who helped us that they are made by someone at the store.  I am not sure if it's Pilar or Judith, maybe someone can jump in here and clarify.

The flowers were also made by Judith Tarruella at Ananda as well.  I think they will work great in my garden shed scene.  (The vase was a previous purchase from another shop).

Okay I think I have fallen in love with the glasswork from Salvador Marge.  I still haven't found any information on this artisan, but I purchased more at Ananda.  Four lovely wine goblets and a flower vase.  I just love the gold and pink irridscent look to the edges of the glassware.  Again I plan to use the glassware in my wine cellar or possibly the castle and the vase will definitely be used in the castle.

Okay I broke my rules again and purchased an import item at Ananda.  But it will look wonderful in my ladies shop!!
The lovely lady in the shop then handed me a card for the miniature fair being held in Barcelona the next day.  I had read about it months earlier but had realized it started the day we left, so I would not be able to attend.  But thanks to the gods we were suppose to leave to fly home the next morning but due to a cancellation with our airline we were now staying one more day, which meant I could attend the fair, if I could convince my husband to brave the Metro and get around Barcelona the next day.  You have to understand that we are from a small city of only 150,000 people with no subway, so for him it was intimidating.  I travelled so much for my work, that I had gotten acustom to subways before so I was a little more confident.  I still have a little convincing to do, but for now, we had another miniature shop to visit, Evolve.  More about that visit in my next posting.
Hope you like the miniature works of the local artisans from Barcelona.  Check out the Ananda link at the top of the posting!
A big welcome to the new followers, two of whom are the artisans featured in my last posting.  A big hello to
Olga Arsensio de Haro,
Francesca Martinez
Thanks for the interest in the blog.
Until the next time...........


Drora's minimundo said...

Great purchases! How good that your were able to do your shopping on your way back. Thanks for sharing/
Hugs, Drora

Margaret said...

Sounds like the Gods were on your side Wanda, so many goodies and I look forward to seeing what you bought at the fair!

Fabiola said...

Fantastic! I like the glasswork.
Bye Faby

maria l. said...

Pequeñas maravillas

dalesdreams said...

What lovely items you have purchased! I love getting the accessories most. :)

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
What do you mean carried away! When will you have the chance again, and how could you pass up on these fantastic items. You really chose wonderful pieces, and again thank you for talking about the miniatures stores. It's great to know where to go when one travels.
Have a wonderful week.
Big hug,

Irene said...

I love the embroidery frame (and sometimes it's good to get carried away!)

Wanda said...

Thanks for the great comments and yes the reason I posted the items is for those who may travel to these areas in the future, you will see the great stores and artisans featured, and you can even look them up online and purchase. But as far as getting carried away, you haven't seen anything until I get to the miniature fair purchases. It's my second visit ever to a miniature fair, and I most definitely got carried away there, and I so loved it! Stay tuned!

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Fue una suerte que cancelaran vuestro vuelo, así has podido visitar las tres tiendas, que bien.
Las compras son estupendas Wanda, siento no poder ayudarte con tu pregunta, pero lo mismo también es de Judith, lo desconozco.
Un beso y estaré atenta a tu próxima entrada.

Lina said...


This is funny... I was in Barcelona last June and bought the same hat box at Ananda's Shop!!!

Great purchases :-)