Monday, September 24, 2012

My mini shopping continues

Thanks for all the wonderful comments, and especially those from the miniature artisans I featured in the last two postings and the stores that I visited.  After we left Ananda it was on to Evolve.  This also was one of the stores closed on my first visit, but this time I was in luck!  Excellent!

I was starting to feel a little guilty over all my purchases at this point, it seemed I was getting a little carried away, but I quickly forgot those feelings as soon as I stepped through the door. 
I noticed immediately that Evolve had a lot of very modern miniatures.  They were fabulous.  Check out some of them at  Aren't they fabulous?!! 
Unfortunately I have no modern miniature projects, so I had to search a little harder to find items that suited my projects that I am presently working on or plan to do in the future.  Then at last I spied the perfect miniature trunk at the back of the store.  WOW!  It was fabulous.  I could see it working perfectly in the attic room of my dollhouse! 
Laura was busy serving someone else so I had to wait and find out the price.  I could see a little write up about it in the showcase, but unfortunately I couldn't read Spanish either!!  But while I continued to browse around the store I did find more Miniaturas magazines!  Four more to add to my collection.  Yippee. 
And then I spied it, a copy of Lea Frisoni's Maison Miniature.  Yes I know it's completely in French, but since I'm buying Spanish magazines, I guess I can also learn to translate a french miniature book. 
Then I discovered some miniature flower kits.  Excellent more flowers for the garden shed.  At this point through the intervention of a kind customer who helped with the translation, I discovered unfortunately the book was Laura's own personal copy that had been left on the shelf!!  So sad, it was not to be. 
 But miniaturist have their own language and Laura and I did our best to communicate.  The trunk was an upcoming workshop and unfortunately was not available complete or in kit form.  In my researching since my visit I think I've discovered it was made by Olga Ascensio.  You can check out all her wonderful trunks at  Now I know I can still get a similar one in the future.  Yippee again!  Can't you just feel my enthusiam on the page!
But I was able to get my flower kits and Miniaturas magazines, and Laura was kind enough to also tell me about the Fair for the next day.  I was still arm twisting my husband at this point, so you will have to wait for one other posting. 

For now I have six flower kits to assemble!  Sunflowers, poppies and what I thought was Forget Me Knots, but in the brouchure I found on Evolve's blogs it was listed as Wild Flowers.  Apparently it had been another workshop by Rosa Casanellas offered at the store.  So I was able to get some of these kits.  I googled Rosa Casanellas and found the most wonderful miniature room box through Picasa Web Albums but I couldn't find a web site, maybe someone can jump in here and let me know if she has a web site!!  The room box I saw was so colourful, in was great!
Once I got home I realized the kits had no instuctions or even a picture of them finished, but thanks to the Evolve's web site and Facebook page I found the add for the workshop, and now I have a picture to follow.  It would be wonderful to live in a city that offered all these miniature workshops.  I would love it, but I would be broke as well.  Thankfully I did have this one opportunity to visit and make these purchases.

So now I have to make my kits look as wondeful as the prototypes!  Stay tuned.
From here it's back to the hotel for a bit of lunch and then we were off to visit more of the Barri Gothic area of Barcelona.  We had only quickly walked through there several weeks before on my way to Drap.  We want to discover more of this wonderful area!
Stay tuned for the next day at the miniature fair, where I definitely got a lot carried away, but oh the fun I had.
Until the next time..........


Lucille said...

Such wonderful purchases you have made. I have been trying to post on your blog but without success. I had written you wonderful posts but they disappeared. It's the word verification gadget that is doing this. Hopefully, I will get through this time. Perhaps you could remove this gadget from your blog. I know that many blog owners have done so. There is a way to do it. Josje from A Beautiful World has the instructions somewhere on her blog.

John said...

LOL, just read the comment above and agree...I have them on my blog, too.

As for your post --your enthusiasm is palpable and I am SO JEALOUS! It's been great living vicariously through you and your travels.

OK, now to 'prove' I'm not a 'robot'...wish me luck...

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Sin duda Wanda, un viaje fantástico el tuyo. Mezcla de hobbie, con placer, me alegro mucho por ti.
El blog de Rosa es este: no tengo otra forma de ponerte en contacto con ella, pero si le escribes a su blog, seguro que te contesta.
Un beso

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
It just kept on getting better didn't it!
I'm so happy you found, and shared, all of these shops. Montreal has almost nothing in terms of miniatures, and no workshops. It can be a bummer. At least we have the blogosphere and the internet.
Have a wonderufl day and enjoy your new treausres...they are all great.
Big hug,

Ascension said...

Me alegro de que lo hayas pasado bien y que encima hayas conseguido preciosas miniaturas.
No se si fuiste a la feria, pero no te vi....cunato lo siento.
besitos ascension

Norma said...

My goodness! That's quite a shopping expedition you're on - so many fabulous finds!

Wanda said...

Thanks again for all your comments. I had removed the verification words but then I received lots of spam. So I had to it it back on again. I'll try one more time and remove it, because I so love your comments.

rosanna said...

Hi Wanda, I was there too in July and I spent far too much money ;o) but I am so happy I did :o)
Have fun with your purchases, Rosanna

Lucille said...

Wanda, believe me when I say I'm no computer expert. However, I just read somewhere that you can remove the verification words and put it on comment approval and you won't get spam. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Now I'm going to try and get through.

latchkey and jonquil said...

Thanks so much for your tour of the miniatures shops in Barcalona - it's funny, though I have friends and family there and visit often, I have never been to any of the shops!

So I know exactly what to do next time!


Fabiola said...

Che bello fare mini compere!
Ciao Faby

John said...

Jealous? Party of one? Jealous?

Um, that's me.

Laura said...

Thank you very much for your visit and for this blog entry. It was a pleasure to meet you and you know that I am also now a follower of your blog. I hope to soon offer the kit Vuitton trunk that you liked so much when were you in EVOLVE.
Remember my online sales page is:
We are introducing new items and under 'handmade' you will find some of the great works of the artisans of miniatures we have in Spain and that you love.
Warm greetings from Barcelona