Monday, August 24, 2015

More pondering on the castle finish

Giac made a suggestion that I should add some of the furnishings and accessories I've collected for the space to get a sense of just how busy everything will look if I leave this colours and finishes.  I have a lot of red and gold tones for the fabrics and accessories.

These are the fabrics being used in the furnishings.  I also have some leathers I'll be using on a few upholstered pieces that are not shown here.

The sofa will be upholstered in the stripe, and there will be lots of pillows in the other fabrics.

I have this tudor Bespaq chair that I purchased at Ron's Miniatures in Orlando.  I have to remove the fabric to stain, but I think the colours will still work, so I'll just reattach the fabric after staining.  The wood candlestick is there to represent a pedestal table I need for the turret.  I may build it from this unfinished wood candlestick.  I need a small rug, I've laid a square tablecloth there to show for now.  You can see the new window frames in place in this picture.  Sorry, I turned on the flash to light the turret and it overexposed the outside wall in this image, looks very white.

Here's another close up of the two finishes from the turret to the left side wall.  Excuse the piece of tape hanging down.  You can see the shade lighter on the turret walls.

I still have to center the panelled wall.  I will have to rip a small piece off the end of the panel led wall on the table saw to center it.  You can also see the crown molding on the top of the paneled wall in this picture.

Now that you see some of the finishes in place, do you think the walls are too busy.  I'm thinking yes.  I may mock up a small board that is grouted and finished the same as these walls and then try applying a watered down wash in an attempt to lighten the grout but without losing the sponge effect.  Could be tricky.  Again your suggestions are appreciated here.

Until the next time.....


PILAR6373 said...

gran sugerencia la de Giac!! Los muebles y sus tonos mejoran aún más el aspecto general de las paredes del castillo!! Funciona muy bien!!

Anonymous said...

I think it may look a tad busy, but I think the Tudor love of tapestries would take care of that. Perhaps on the larger walls. I know it sounds odd to throw busy on top of busy as a cure, but it should work.

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
You have some terrific pieces and the room looks great. I think the grout lines might be a bit too loud. I'm not sure which product to suggest, but if you cover the woodwork and spray the walls with a sealer or matt varnish (check with your hobby store, this is just off the top of my head) there would be less danger when applying a watered down wash and the sponged effect should be safe. Again, I have not tried this myself, just an idea!
Big hug,