Monday, August 24, 2015

Another look in the castle

Here are another few shots of the castle.  The main room now has the base coat and two sponge coats.  The turret room has three sponge coats, the last one being the lightest.  I am not fond of the contrast between the grout lines and the stones in the turret colours, so I am debating my next option.  The walls look very busy looking.

You can see inside of the stairwell.  Sorry I had to turn on my flash to do this and it overexposed the outside of the stairwell wall.

Here is looking into the castle.  You can see the wall to the left is darker.  This is with the flash on to lighten the turret.

Here is with the flash off so you can see how much contrast there is between the grout lines and the stone colour.  To the left the wall doesn't have the lighter coat on, so the grout line contrast is much more subtle.

I am debating if I should try and lighten the grout lines to reduce the contrast.  I think it makes the walls look very busy.  But I don't want to lose the stone effect I've accomplished in the sponging.  So unless I hand paint every grout line, I'm unsure as to where to go from here.  Your opinion is welcome.

Help please?

Until the next time....


PILAR6373 said...

A mi personalmente,me gusta el contraste que hace,ten en cuenta que los castillos son muy antiguos y es normal que oscurezca las juntas,.Me gusta mucho el aspecto que va tomando!!!

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
It is such a beautiful room. I actually don't mind the contrast. I wonder if it looks very busy because the space is empty? Did you try putting items in the room? Sometimes putting furniture in a room can give a very different effect, in this case you might see less of the lines in the walls. This room would be awesome with tapestries on the wall!
Big hug,

Philip said...

Hello Wanda,
I think the room looks incredible! Giac is right, once items are placed in the space the walls will not be the only focus.
If you loose the contrast of the grout- it might just become a texture. Great job!

otterine said...

I don't think it's too busy, but if you do want to lighten it, perhaps a glaze will help. I use Staining Medium by Americana. It's an opaque ointment type of substance that makes acrylic paint behave like a stain. You could add a bit of light grey to the mix, then brush on and wipe off. It shouldn't change your surface since you'll wipe it off but it should sink into the lines and lighten them up a bit. Worth an experiment in a corner. :D