Monday, August 31, 2015

Gifts from Lisa's friends!

Lisa was sooooo fortunate to attend the Castine school this past spring.  She told me about her wonderful room mate and also told her room mate, Susan, about me and my projects.  When Lisa talked about the bakery, her friend, Susan graciously offered to send miniature baked goods for the shop. 

Wow, what wonderful items Susan sent.  Just look at these perfected formed meringues!  And I have a full jar of them.

And these exquisitely made muffins that are so beautifully decorated.

Two beautiful cakes....

And I have enough macaroons to fill an entire showcase, in a variety of colours.

There's large round macaroons and small round macaroons and even heart shaped macaroons!

They look good enough to gobble up!


And these little biscuits are perfect.  Oops one is upside down, sorry.

And I have loaves of bread, enough to feed everyone.

Love the little sliced pieces.  Sandwich anyone?

Don't you think these crackers are perfect?  

I'm off to find a cracker can.

Thank you so much Susan, you are very talented.  This was completely unexpected.  Lisa and I shared them, so we both got lots of baked goods!

Until the next time....



Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
What lovely presents. They are beautifully made!
Big hug,

Irene said...

That's a lovely gift to receive and what a lot of work obviously went into the making of them. You're a lucky girl!