Sunday, August 9, 2015

And so the needlepoint begins

I'm back from my latest road trip and all my exams are over for another semester, so I have a few weeks now to concentrate on my minis.  I decided to start on the miniature rug pattern I purchased from Nicola Mascall.  As you may recall from my earlier posting, here's a link, I purchased the pattern from the designer directly.

I'm hoping to use the rug in the Equestrian Spa kit I have.  In order to determine the size needed, I measured the floor panel from the kit and it order to it to fit I had to use 40 count cloth.  I had a small piece of 40 count silk, but unfortunately it was too small.  So during my recent road trip I found a needlepoint shop in Las Vegas and dropped by.  The only 40 count cloth they had in stock was linen, and even though I was hoping for evenweave of silk, I decided to buy the linen.  It has been challenging because of the inconsistency of the weave, and after a few false starts, and finding the best needles and frame to use, I decided to start the project in one corner, and work across in a straight line.  The pattern is so large and the thread count so small that I've found working in a straight line is causing fewer missed count stitches.

This is my work after 10 hours (including fixing errors and restarting).  At this rate, I am expecting to complete the rug in about 5 years!  It has over 100,000 stitches and so far I've completed about 1500!

I did iron the cloth first, but linen is so difficult to press and even with the frame, the camera shot still shows a wrinkle.  Interestingly looking at it without the camera, the wrinkle is not visible.  

I started my first rug about 30 years ago, and had no limitation with seeing what I was doing even with the 28 count I started with.  Thirty years later and 12 count smaller, I found that no degree of magnification is helping.  The best thing I can do to see this clearly is to remove my contacts and just use my normal vision, with no glasses, albeit at about 8" from my eyes.  Time is so cruel to our vision isn't it?

I'm excited for next weekend.  Lisa and I are planning another mini get-to-gether, this time at my house.  So I will have lots to share after that.

Again thank you to everyone for reading my blog and sending feedback, it is so appreciated.

Until the next time...


Janice said...

This is truly a labour of love. I am in awe.

Elizabeth S said...

All the BEST to you Wanda! This is going to be quite the undertaking especially with your eyes not being what they once were but I 100% admire your Going For It! anyway!
And it is looking Very Pretty thus far so KEEP IT GOING, and 5 years will be gone before you know it! :D

otterine said...

When I'm working on a needlework project, I try to give it some time every day -- then it "magically" gets done. :D Good luck! It's a beauty!

Daydreamer said...

Wow! You are Very brave! This is such a big project! I admire those who needlepoint.... it's on my list to learn... someday! The pattern is beautiful. It will be worth it in the end!

latchkey and jonquil said...

good luck with this project, it is a very beautiful rug... it make take a few years, but it will be worth it! I find I can needlepoint when a passenger on long car trips, which really helps getting blocks of it done. Please be careful of your eyes - I prefer the naked eye, but it is ruinous for the vision! Can't wait to see and update and your progress soon!


Jorge Cubells said...

La terminaste!!! Es impresionante, magnifica!! Puedes decirme en que tela la has bordado?? Y dónde conseguir el kit o sólo el patrón? Graciass!!