Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Miniature Rug Progress & Needlepoint Rack

I am slowly, and I mean slowly, working on my miniature rug for one of my future builds.  Thanks to Lisa, I found a pair of reading glasses that I can wear that help me to clearly see the project.  

Here's my progress now that I am about 30 hours into the project.  It's about 14 lines of about 260 lines!  I did say this was a multi year project right?

It was however, becoming very heavy to hold the frame in my left hand while I needle pointed with my right hand.  The project was just too large.  So off to Michael's, Lisa and I went.  I found a knocked down stand that would hold my existing needlepoint rack.  

I was a little curious how this big stand all fit into this little box and quickly discovered when I got home that it was really really really knocked down.  It was about 40 pieces, including all the bolts and screws and had the tiniest printed instructions and drawings.  (That's instructions in three languages on that one page!).  There was a little tiny drawing showing you the number of each part and where it was located, but unfortunately, not one part itself was actually numbered.  That would have helped!  

It seemed to be a miniaturist joke!  But miniature patients prevailed and I was able to assemble all the pieces.  

My shoulders are still asking for the services of a masseuse, hopefully the hot tub at our resort will suffice!

Until the next time....

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Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
That is a very useful tool. I can't wait to see progress on the matter how long it takes.
Big hug,