Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring is coming

In many parts of the world Spring may have already arrived, but here in Newfoundland it's just starting to show signs.  Our snow is almost gone, yes I said almost, and it's so inspiring to see the first signs of spring.  I want to landscape my garden shed with spring blooms, so I've started to prepare the foundation for the landscaping.

I've added layers of foam, so that I have a base to add the flowers and plants.

Cutting foam may seem like an easy task, but I wasn't prepared for all the static electricity created from cutting the foam.  Tip for anyone doing this, don't wear a black sweater while doing this, I am still trying to get the small pieces of foam off my sweater, even after putting it through the wash!!

LOL.....oh well.  I did get to learn one more thing from the foam cutting experience.  I got to learn how to turn on my vacuum clearner......okay I'm spoiled, hubby does the vacuuming, it was a fairly new vacuum that I had never used before, but I finally got the mess cleaned up.  It was sticking to everything, including the shed!

I finally managed to operate the vacuum cleaner, and got rid of all the nasty foam bits!

Once I got all the layers glued, I marked out where the flower beds will be, and I might also add some fence sections in the corners as well.

I've been test fitting some of my accessories outside as you can see from the few items attached to the outside of the shed!

Then I had to cut out the grass and glue the foam to the wood base.

I used my miniature books as weights to keep the wood from curving up once I glued the foam in place.  Everything has to multi-task in my craft room!

In the end I was pleased with the overall results of the landscaping layout.  I painted the areas the will be the "flower beds" dark brown, so that the white foam won't peak through the flowers, once they are put in place.

Next time I will show you the work I've done on the roof.  It's really starting to take shape.  Now I have to go and see if I have enough flowers to fill all the flower beds......and the Spring weather is really setting a nice stage for the spring theme of my garden shed landscaping.

I hope you like the work I've been doing.  Thanks for all the kind comments from the last post.  I was concerned that everyone had given up on me!

Till next time...........



Janice said...

I am with you, hoovering is a man's job in my house too!
Nice shape you have created around your shed too.

otterine said...

This looks like a wonderful start! :]