Friday, April 15, 2011

Roof Construction

Thanks for the comments on my garden shed progress.  The feedback is appreciated!!

I've gotten the roof completely covered in wood now, ready for the copper sheeting, which I still have to find a supplier for.  If anyone has a suggestion where I can buy thin copper sheeting about 8" x 24" it would be appreciated.  Someone said to check out stained glass shops, so I'll try that on my next trip outside Newfoundland.  Nothing like that around here unfortunately, but if you know of an online location, let me know.

On to the roof............

Before I could put the boards on I had to add the roof joist, that were cut at 45 degree angles on the top and bottom of each board.

I had to clamp each joist to the rafters that were already placed months ago, and then glue them to the header that was in place.

Then I used two pieces of the same wood for the roof sheathing to keep everything straight and laid the boards for the sheathing.  These boards are the ones I savaged from the garden lattice I purchased at a dollar store for about $2.00 a pack.  I've basically built the entire shed with about 3 of these lattice, costing me very little!

I used a bag of sand to weigh the boards down to the joists while they were drying.  The bag of sand worked perfectly on the angle, and didn't slide like a book would have.

So everything is nicely covered now.   I have to give the roof a good sanding, and trim the boards at the edges a little for them to be perfectly flush.  So the last step is to apply the copper roofing.  So this task may take a little time to source the copper, and bend it into place.  In the meanwhile, I have lots of flower making to do. 

I still haven't shared the photos of the inside of the shed.  I'll do that in the next posting.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Until the next time.............



Kim said...

wow Wanda- it looks so great- I am in awe. I don't know if this is the type of thing you are looking for but I'm giving you the link for a look. Good luck on your search!

Tabitha Corsica said...

Nice project!

I have used the above mentioned metallic sheets for other art project and I think they would work quite well for your application.

Wanda said...

Thanks for the link, that is exactly what I am looking for. I wished they had the copper sheeting in wider widths, but I can always hide the seams in the folds I have to make in the roof design. I really appreciate the help.
Thanks for your kind comments!

jose said...

you have fantastic work left