Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm Back

I feel so guilty for not having posted for so many months.  I've debated for weeks to start again, and just didn't know where to start.  Many things have kept me away from my blog and my miniatures, but I am happy to say that in the past month I have been working at my garden shed again.

The last time I posted the shed was left like this!

The garden shed was on hold because I needed a drill to make holes for the wiring and my drill had died, but I now have a new one and I am happy to say that the shed is all wired for electricity!!

It's amazing how many little pieces of wood I broke just to get two holes in these little pieces of wood to mount the light sockets!!  But finally I have success, I just had to start with a tiny little hole, and then drill a slightly larger, and larger until I had the right size to fit the sockets.

I ran the wiring down the back of the shelving at the back of the shed, and then out though the bottom to the battery pack (which has yet to be attached). 

It's amazing how such a little job can be such a big stumbling block.

Once I got this task completed it was back to the inside of the shed, and I glued all the accessories to the back shelf (actually I used Museum Wax, because I am always anxious that I may want to change something out later).

I did glue all the accessories to the potting table and the old dry sink that I am using inside the shed.  I'm pleased with how everything turned out.

For all the fellow bloggers that swapped with me last summer, you'll see lots of your swap items in the pictures.  I love everything.  I hope you had equal success with the items that I sent.

The next daunting task was the roof truss, I have completed the task, but I'll save everything for the next post! 

Hope everyone is still out there and interested.  Thanks to the new followers who have joined since I've been a delinquent blogger.  I hope the next few postings make up for everything!

Til the next time............


P.S.  I am happily married since the last posting.  We had a wonderful wedding.  Thanks for all the kind followers who sent best wishes!!  Even more, thanks for the followers who sent emails to see if I had fallen off the edge of the earth, life gets so hectic at times, I have to remember to make time for me!



cockerina said...

oh! finally! you're back from our honeymoon? :)))
I'm sorry that the handle of my pitcher has deformed during the trip :(
I am satisfied with the exchange with you, thank you!
I'm happy to read your blog again, lots of hugs, welcome back!

Cinderella Moments said...

I love the shed. It already looks great!

Kim said...

glad to see you back Wanda!! The shed is looking wonderful- I bet you are happy to have some time to work on it again :)

Norma said...

Congratulations and best wishes to you both for a long and happy life together :)

And great to see you blogging again Wanda, love the way you've put all these little things togther. I'm big fan of your garden shed!

Lady Jane said...

Happiness to you both Wands. You garden shed looks great. I have never ran lites to a battery pack hope you post it. Great to have you back.