Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Safely arrived home from Camp Mini Ha Ha

I've safely arrived home from Camp Mini Ha Ha and my partially completed kit, swap items and purchases have all made it safely back to Newfoundland as well.

I had so much fun at Camp and learned so much more about mini construction.  So even though it was a hectic time to go both from a work perspective and considering I am getting married in less than four weeks, I am glad I went.

One of the great benefits of camp is that several vendors of dollhouse miniature items also set up at the camp, and we have several time periods where we can go shopping.  These vendors are the campers who are also participating in the workshop as well.  So I got to purchase a lot of new items, both for the castle project and for other projects still in the works and in the planning stages as well.

One of the new items I purchased was some fantastic rugs.  I had received one of these rugs in the final night giftie exchange, but I also purchased four more for other projects.  The detail in these rugs is fantastic, and the prices were even better!!

I've got lots more purchases to share with you in the coming days.

I also promised to welcome all the new followers in the past 2 weeks. Check out the blogs of the following:-

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Little Miss Kris, I can't to find a blog for this one.  Let me know if I have missed it.
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Thanks for taking an interest in my blog!

Until the next time


Rosamargarita said...

Hola Wanda, fantasticas alfombras y tus aventuras en Camp mini... Te casas en 4 semanas? yupiiii

Flora said...

How much joy and enthusiasm in your words ...
The carpets are really beautiful: I'm curious to see the rest :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

BiWuBär said...

Welcome back, Wanda - and a big "thank you" for your camp reports... your daily reports were very interesting and spread a little of your fun to me... ;O)
Hope we'll see pics of your progress soon.


Clara said...

De vuelta a la rutina. Estas alfombras están preciosas. Vas a tener una casa muy cálida y elegante.
Seguiré viniendo para ver mas compras.
Besos Clara