Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another great punch

During a recent trip to Michael's I purchased another Martha Stewart punch to use to make doilies for the cakes in my bakery.  It was a larger punch than some of the other punches I have used, but it works perfect for cutting out little paper doilies.  I got it on sale, which is even better!


Aren't the doilies just perfect?  They are about one inch in diameter.

 See, they work just great on the cake stand with one of my miniature cheese cakes!

Don't worry Norma, I got this one on sale, less than $10, so no need to choke on your coffee this time!!! lol.



Norma said...

Thanks for thinking of my welfare ;) This little punch is really interesting, I had no idea you could get this sort of design in a punch, it's perfect for your cakes. And those cakes look pretty darned good too!

Clara said...

No lo conocía. Te viene muy bien para los pasteles. Me encanta.
Besos Clara

Flora said...

The punch is very unusual, very interesting, and the cake ... yum!
Mini hugs, Flora

Heather said...

I've never seen a punch like that! And I spend a lot of time at Michaels. It is just perfect.

Wanda said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. You can find the punch in the Martha Stewart section of Michael's for all those who have a Michael's in their area! I love the cake as well, I made the cake during a session with a friend who shares the hobby with me. It's for the bakery I am working on. More on that project at another time!

marys Miniatures said...

Great idea Wanda...I am in Michaels alot and I am going to look at all the Martha Stewart's punches. Thanks

anna said...

o, how nice!!! i didn't know there is a punch for these!!! Great and THANK YOU for showing!!! :)