Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Blog full of Joy and Color

Clara over at "The Life In Miniature" blog gave me a lovely award called "A Blog full of Joy and Color!"  Clara, thank you very much for thinking of me and my blog.  She has requested that I pass on the award to five other blogs.  Well I follow 300 blogs, and it's really difficult to select only five, so I am sending out the award to all 300 blogs!

Speaking of 300 blogs, maybe someone out there in blogland can help me.  I have posted this question to the Blogger help site, but none of the answers are working for me.  Once you get to 300 blogs, the dashboard does not allow you to add any more blogs to follow.  Some of these 300 blogs have not had postings in a really long time and I would love to delete the inactive ones so I can add some newer blogs that I can follow.  I have followed the directions to stop following a blog, but they are still in my Dashboard, and it will not let me add a new blog to follow.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop following a blog?  I would love your help.

I do have some new followers to welcome as well.


Thanks for your interest in my blog.  It would be great for everyone to check out their blogs as well!

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Peggy said...

Hi Wanda,
I saw your question about how to stop following a blog in one of your entries.
Have you tried deleting the blogs following these steps?
Go to dashboard.
On the reading list you see a list of blogs on the left hand side.
Beneath it there are two buttons, the right on says 'manage' or something simular (mine is in dutch). Click on that button.
A new screen will pop up, search for the blog you want deleted. On the right there's a colomn that says 'settings' click on it and there you can find the button to delete the blog.

I hope this helps.
Kind regards, Peggy