Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sharing and Mini Gifts

 One of the most satisfying things miniaturist have shown me is the art of sharing.  I've craved for many years to have people living close to me who love this craft.  Many years ago I met a wonderful group of miniaturist in another province, while visiting my in-laws, and they have been wonderful.  They have shared so much of their skills with me, and for that I am so grateful.  

A couple of years ago I did find a lady in a neighboring city, but we haven't connected in quite soon time.  I have tried reaching out recently to her, because as I told you in my last posting I also found a second miniaturist on the other side of the island. So Edna, if you're still building miniatures there's more of us now!  We all want to get together and work on projects.

We tried reaching out through Kijiji to see if there were other miniaturist out there in our area, and even though this method was unsuccessful in finding anyone, it did find something else, that I will save for a later to keep you in suspense on this one.

But I love sharing my hobby, and I love when others share as well.

Many years ago, (well over 20 years now....but I'm still saying I'm 29) I met a man by the name of Peter Dawson.  He was retiring and moving to British Columbia.  He was looking to unload some of his many years of miniature magazines and books, and he was given my name by a local store (which  is no longer open).  I was so new to miniatures at the time and didn't understand how large the hobby was and the degree of workmanship that many miniaturist were creating.  The visit to his home was an eye opener and I wanted to go home and tear apart my dollhouse and rebuild it "right".  Mr Dawson was a master craftsman, I found an article in The Scale Cabinetmaker about his work later.  I am so glad for that chance meeting, it was his sharing of his work that sparked in me a hobby that has lasted for close to 25 years.

Recently when Lisa visited with me she gave one of her miniature clay creations, an Easter bunny cake, complete in a very detailed box.  It's found a place on the counter of my bakery as a purchase for the next customer!  Thanks Lisa for your beautiful gift!

I've lots more to share in the coming weeks.  I've got a year to catch up on here!

Thanks to all the other miniature bloggers who continue to share your work.  I keep reading everything you are writing.  Please continue to share.
So if there are any fellow Newfoundlanders out there interested in this wonderful hobby, please contact me, we are trying to build a group that can meet and share this craft.

Until the next time......


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Wanda! I live on the opposite side of Canada, but IF I lived close by, I would LOVE to get together with you! :D I wish you great success in finding like-minded people to share this hobby with. I know that you cannot be the ONLY ONE in Newfoundland, who is wild about Miniatures!!!!? :O

PILAR6373 said...

Es maravilloso poder compartir nuestra afición y conocer gente encantadora!!!
Un regalo precioso,espero que encuentres más gente miniaturista cerca de ti!!

Lisa Lehr said...

Yes I agree miniatures are much better when shared :) Glad you like the Easter Cake. It looks so cute on the counter. See you soon!