Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Needlepoint Project

I've always enjoyed doing needlepoint rugs and cushions for my miniature projects and I shared with all of you last year a rug I had just completed, featured here:-

Over the years I've also completed these rugs:-

Presently I'm working on a cushion, but I thought I would show you a future project.  Recently while scanning through my Facebook page, I came across a posting from a Miniature Facebook page for a rug from Nicola Mascall.  I absolutely fell in love with the pattern and thought it would work for a future roombox I have coming to me now in kit form.

I contacted Nicola immediately and she quickly responded with a price for the pattern.  Her rug was completed using a different type of floss than I normally used, and she was kind enough to provide a cross reference chart for the DMC floss I use and a sample of each of the thread colours so that I could confirm.  Now that's fantastic service.  The pattern arrived very quickly after we completed the transaction.  Things move quickly across the pond!

The rugs I completed above were a maximum of 4 pages of charts.  This rug is so detailed it comes with 16, yes that is SIXTEEN pages of charts.  I should have it finished in about 20 years!   Well maybe a few years.  I like taking my needlepoint projects with me when I travel, gives me something to do in my downtime when I travel, and I travel a lot for my job.

I am so impressed with the detail in Nicola's design, and I would recommend anyone to have a look at her website, you'll be very impressed with her kits and designs.  Some of these pictures are from Nicola, she was kind enough to give me permission to use them on my site.  Thank you Nicola!

Wish me luck!  Now I need to go back to Nicola's web site and do some more shopping.  Looking up the link again was a bad move for me, now I've saw other things I want!!!

Until the next time........


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Wanda! Although I am NOT an needle artist such as yourself, I certainly do appreciate the skill and the time it takes to stitch such Beautiful work! I wish you much success with your new carpet project although I already know, just by viewing what you have already accomplished, that this Aubusson area rug is going to be Spectacular, when it is completed! :D

PILAR6373 said...

Has creado unas alfombras impresionantes y el nuevo proyecto,con el diseño de Nicola es grandioso!!!! Seguro que te queda espectacular,ánimo!!!!!