Wednesday, April 22, 2015

School's Almost Out

I've been delinquent for another year.  Life has just gotten away from me.  I'm still working full time, still traveling a lot in my job, (as I write this blog posting, I'm sitting in a hotel in North Carolina) and I'm still working on completing my professional designation through distance education.  It's a very busy schedule that hasn't left much time for miniatures.

Recently I was contacted by the organizers of Camp Mini Ha Ha that there was another miniaturist in my province, I was so excited, another person to share our hobby with.  Unfortunately she was over 600 km away.  She did get to visit recently however and since she's also a blogger I thought you would like to read her blog.  Here's a link to her posting on our visit.

Two more weeks of school until September and I'll catch up with all of you on my miniature life for the past year!  I've been reading everyone's blogs, but only got to comment a few times.  Thanks for sharing your projects with us.

For now I leave you with a picture that is the number one pin on my Pinterest page.  Here's a link to my Pinterest page, I've pinned over 25,000 pins for miniatures, maybe there is something there that can be of benefit to you in your next miniature project.

Until the next time......



PILAR6373 said...

Te ha quedado auténtico!!!

Lisa Lehr said...

So happy to see you blogging again :) It was really great meeting you in St. John's and I look forward to meeting again. See you soon! :)