Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wisteria Vine

I'm still working at my studies and catching up at work after three business trips in the past month, so miniatures have taken a back seat to all of this.  But I have so much to show on what I had accomplished before work and studies took precedence.

As you saw in my previous post, I am attempting a wisteria vine on the outside of the "bookstore" (name still to be determined)!  I needed a lot of leaves to fill this vine, so I found a paper that was printed in two different shades of green, one on each side.  It also has a slight pattern on the darker side, unfortunately it's so faint, it won't come out in my attempt at photographing it.  

Then I needed a punch that had a pattern close to a wisteria vine.  I found a corner punch that seemed ideal, but it had the corner guard on it, which was taken care of quickly with the use of a hammer....oops!  But it worked and didn't harm the punch at all.  This allowed me to punch hundreds of leaves across the edge of the paper.  I had actually punched all of these leaves for another project where I was going to use a wisteria vine, but I changed my mind for that project, and so they have been stored away until this project.

Aren't the leaves perfect for a wisteria vine!

Now I have to shape all these leaves, and then make the wisteria flowers.  I am thinking I will use flower soft to make the flowers.  I have seen instructions for making them with a small punch, but it seems such a great amount of work to make each flower, whereas with a blended mix of several purple and lilac shades of flower soft I feel I can make a lot of the flowers very fast.  Unless someone has a better suggestion, I think this is the way I will progress.

Before I can start any more work, I have to clean up my work room.  It's amazing how things can just pile up, even more so when I haven't been working in there!

Hopefully my next posting will be a cleaned up workroom, and progress on the flowers.  

I am still working on all the books and papers for inside the shop as well.  I have to finish this before I can attach the vine.  And I have to decide on a name and make a sign before I can attach the vine.  Sounds like the leg bone is connected to the hip bone, and the hip bone is connected to and on and

I know, I need to correct the date and time on my camera as well, it shows five years ago.

Thanks so much for all your suggestions for the shop, I am thinking over all the ideas, but I've yet to decide.  Also thanks for those who inquired about my recent surgery, it was only minor and I am fully recovered and back to my old self.
On another note, I was so excited a month ago when I hit 1000 followers on Pinterest and now I am just a few followers from 1500, that's another 500 in one month!  Wow, I am so proud that all the followers are so interested in my pins (most of which are miniature related or miniature inspirations).  If you're not following me on Pinterest, why don't you take a look at

Until the next time..........



Elizabeth S said...

Hi Wanda! I think that your proposed solution for the making of the wisteria flowers sounds doable and the way that you found a way to get the volume of leaves that you needed by using the punch was very clever too! Good thinking! :))


PILAR6373 said...

Me encantará ver esa glicinia!!!!!
Efectivamente los talleres,yo creo,que se desordenan solos jajajaja!!!

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Que ganas de ver la glicina terminada, ya tienes trabajo por delante y es cierto, las mesas de trabajo se llenan enseguida y hay que limpiar de vez en cuando. Besos

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
I am glad you are recovering well from your surgery. You certainly are a busy lady! I look forward to seeing the wisteria come together. Great idea using the corner punch. Have a good time shaping the leaves...I'll be praying you keep your sanity with all those leaves ;)
Big hug,

Steinworks said...

I can't wait to see how your project turns out