Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another punch!

I was excited to see the large selection of paper punches that Grandpa's Dollhouse had on display at Camp Mini Ha Ha.  Unfortunately it was the second day before I noticed them, so a couple were sold out that I would love to have gotten.  But I still got quite a few.

I love making flowers and even though these are mostly leaves, I like the fact that there is a variety of sizes, so this adds a little realism to the flowers.  Let's face it, not every leaf or petal is the exact same size.  Some of these punches I already have in a different size now.

I'm not a big fan of the button punches, I find them hard on your fingers, especially if you're punching a lot of petals or leaves, but the price was fantastic, so it was worth the later pain!

I looked for a link on Grandpa's Dollhouse website for the punches, and I didn't find it, but I am sure you can contact Liz and she'll gladly get them for you.  But with my little bit of research online though I discovered that Punch Bunch does make a levered tool that you can drop the punches in that makes using them a whole lot easier.  It's a bit pricey, but I'm sure it's well worth the cost for someone who uses the punches a lot!

It looks like it accepts all the sizes, except the smallest round punch.  It appears to need a flat edge to place the punches up against.  Maybe someone who has one of them can give us a little feedback on them!  Still think it's a wonderful idea however!  Wonder if it can accept other brands of button punches?

I'm of to organize my punch drawer in my workroom.  Think I may need a larger drawer!

Until the next time....



PILAR6373 said...

No conocía ese mango para los cortadores de botón,desde luego es un gran hallazgo,a veces me dejo los dedos con ellos,ahora te resultará más fácil y rápido!!!!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Wanda! I too have been collecting punches for quite a while now and have managed a number of them a the thrift stores. Your collection is special because it includes the mini leaf shapes that are probably the most elusive, so Good Job! :))