Friday, July 3, 2015

I must confess.....

I recently read a posting on someone's Facebook page regarding collecting supplies for a future miniature project. The person was a bit embarrassed to say they had accumulated so much product for a project that they hadn't even started yet.  I could only chuckle at the posting and point a big finger at myself, oh my, I've been there, and am still there.  

Four (or was it five) years ago I had this fabulous idea to build a miniature wine cellar.  I had been inspired by one I had seen made by Whitledge-Burgess, theirs had a wine tasting room included.  I wanted to do my own version immediately.  I started wildly sketching ideas and started to save pictures of wine cellars on my computer, this was way before Pinterest came along for me.  To say the least, now there's even a Pinterest board for wine cellars.  

I found this web site for these fabulous full size wine cellars.  The company had a brouchure you could request with even more ideas.  I promptly filled out the form for the brouchure, which I received within the week.  Funny thing was, they started emailing me immediately, wanting to prepare a quote for a new wine cellar in my home.  I was too embarrassed to respond back and say, "oh no, I'm just building one in"

Since this time I've collected two full size wine crates to build the miniature wine cellar inside of, can't decide which shape I want.  Isn't that an ingenious idea though, a miniature wine cellar inside a full size wine crate!  You can use that one, send me a picture when you get it built!

I've collected miniature wine crates, kegs, stemware, carafes, corkscrew and other wine related paraphernalia, and of course wine bottles.  Some of the wine bottles are inexpensive bulk packages, and some are individual purchases that in some cases were more expensive than the full size!   Here's some of my growing collection. 

Oh and by the way, I haven't even started building the project.  Simply because there are "So Mini Projects" in the works already.  So it's on my bucket list!

Oh did I tell you about the decorator's shop I'm going to build some day.  You should see what I've collected for that!...oh

Until the next time....
The very guilty, okay not really, but laughing....


PILAR6373 said...

Jajajaja!!!!!! Desde luego por material que no falte!!! Ya verás como cuando comiences con tu proyecto,no te faltará de nada!!!!!

Norma said...

The question of which comes first, the project or the collection, is a tricky one and I dare say there are many of us where it's the collection that's greatly more advanced ;) You certainly have some gorgeous pieces here for your wine cellar which I'm sure will come to fruition in the fullness of time.

otterine said...

The problem I've found is that if you pass up something because you're not yet working on that project, it will be out of production, impossible to find or now cost five to ten times what it originally did when you are finally ready for it. So, hoard away! :D

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
You keep on collecting. One day everything will fall into palce and there is nothing worse then having to run after a missing item.
Big hug,

The grandmommy said...

It is the way of the miniaturist. We get ideas like a flash of lightening from every where...blogs, real life, magazines, tv, etc! I have heard of miniaturists using things purchased 20 yrs. earlier! lol

Then you have those who are just the opposite buying only what they need as they go along on a project.

Steinworks said...

at least you are organized, my collection is all over the house...I have to learn to put things away..Im very bad :(