Sunday, July 12, 2015

Accessories for inside "Doreen's Fine Things"

I am still working on accessories for inside "Doreen's Fine Things" while the glue dries on the reupholstery job.  I've collected quite a few printie kits from Heirlooms by Susan over the past several years.  I love the quality of the printies.  I decided to use some of the pieces from Kit 3 and Kit 10 to use in the front window.  I'm going to cut out all the printies from these few pages and assemble them to decide which ones I will use.

Here's what they all look like after they've been cut out.

One thing I like best about Susan's kits are the detailed assembly instructions she provides with each kit.

Susan recommends to finish the edges with a gold stamp pad.  I'm debating using a colour instead of gold, so I've taken out a selection of stamp pads to test on some scrap paper first.  I recommend doing this with all printies because the ink can bleed and some of these pads take a long time to dry.  These are all the ones I tested.

Here is the results on the scrap of the paper the printies were cut from.

This is an old printie I assembled several years ago from Craft Pack.  You can see here that when I used the ink on this edge it bled down into the canister.  So testing first is extremely important or you will end up with a problem like this.

After my test, I decided to go with gold after all and I am using this Studio G scrapbooking product.  It's acid free and it didn't bleed at all.

Before I can start anything, Susan recommends to score all folding lines first to ensure you get a clean bent edge.  I like to use a clear straight edge so I can see what I am doing.  I've also learned that I am a little heavy handed so I use a medium size stylus for the scoring, I have a tendency to tear the paper with a fine stylus because I am so heavy handed.  This drafter's triangle is over thirty years old from my college days taking drafting.  We use to keep masking tape on one side so that we didn't smudge the lines as much as we moved the triangle over our work.  The tape is still there!

A great way to ensure you haven't missed a scored edge is to hold the printie up to a light.  Here in the picture you can see I have scored all the necessary folding edges.

Once I finished treating all the edges with the gold stamp I had a lot of yellow fingers.  Frequent washing is required to ensure you don't get this ink elsewhere.  Susan recommended folding first and then doing the edges, think I should have taken the advice.

But the finished results look wonderful.  Way too much for the window, so I'll be saving these for future projects.  Overall I was pleased with the quality of the printies.


I also had a kit from Dragonfly International that I had purchased from Grandpa's Dollhouse.  I assembled this kit has well.  

So I have lots of other choices to use for the window box in Doreen's Fine Things.

Now it's on to deciding which items to use, so many choices!

Until the next time....


PILAR6373 said...

Te han quedado preciosas las cajas y bolsas,unos diseños muy bonitos!!!

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
Great work. It all looks very elegant...what a shopping spree your mini people will have.
Big hug,

minwks said...

Hi Wanda, great collection of boxes. It must feel good to to turn the one dimensional kits into three!
Always find the green colour in the bags classy!
Regards Janine

Fabiola said...

Beautiful boxes and fantastic jewelry.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Wanda! All of these boxes and bags have turned out Beautifully! The tissue paper in the bags is also a very smart touch as well! It was also very clever to include some different pastel boxes. Not only does it provide a lovely contrast but helps to round out your inventory! :D Great Job!