Sunday, March 23, 2014

Over the Threshold

I'm pleased with the work I accomplished this week on the street scene, not because it was a lot, but it was something I was hesitant in completing.  I had mis-cut the floor around the door opening, and with the floor glued in place, I was apprehensive about getting the floor unglued.  It turned out to be a relatively easy task thankfully, and I was able to insert a piece and I added a wood threshold to cover the insert.  I stained it to match the wood work around the window.  I still have to add window trim, even though it won't be seen from the outside. 


I tapered the edge of the threshold board.  Wouldn't want any of the bookstore customers tripping on their way out the door!

I am leaving the accessorizing of the two ledges on each side of the door until I add the moldings on the outside of the windows.

I also got to add the Open/Closed sign.  It's a laser made sign, but the wire was too short and I added a piece of cord to get it at the perfect height.

I am so proud to finally give the bookstore a name.  I drafted it up in Microsoft Word, so I had limited fonts available to me, but I am proud of the end product.  The shops name, as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, is named in honour of my Great Great Grandfather, Ephriam, I decided to drop his second name, Titus, started to sound too much like a disease!  So it's called Ephriam's Vintage Books, Manuscripts and Maps.  I think I will shrink a picture of the old guy and place it in the store!  I only have one picture since he was born in 1855 and died in 1936, I'm pleased I have that one.

I still have to add lighting, it was very dark inside once I placed everything's place!

I've removed the vine for this picture, but I am starting to really like the overall look!

Thanks again for everyone's comments.  It's very much appreciated.
Until the next time......


debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

this is looking great, I love how you have done the name,great effect

Steinworks said...

oh Wanda it's wonderful I love the sign.

Nono said...

Great work, Wanda!!!