Sunday, March 2, 2014

More Wisteria and inside the Bookshop

Another week has passed with a little more completed.  The wisteria so far are just trial and error, trying to find the best way to create them that look the most realistic.  I don't have a lot of experience working with Flower Soft.  It looks so fragile, even once it's glued to the ground covered stems I created last week.  Maybe one of my readers have used the product before and knows a little more, I would love feedback.  I think I will need to spray them with some sort of sealer once the glue is dry.  Otherwise I think they will just fall apart with time.  There's still a little trimming required before I can spray them as well, but I like the fullness better, and I like the little bit of Nut Brown flower soft I added to my mix, I think it gives the flowers a slightly wilted look, which I think will work with the street scene. 

I also need a little better weather!!  I can't do the spray sealer inside my craft room, and right now there is about 10 feet, yes I said feet, of snow on the ground.  Not really outside crafting weather.  Here's a close up on the wisteria, you can clearly see the trimming necessary here, plus the little bit of brown wilting colour!  I like the fullness much better now.

I have a little bit of any assembly line going here now.  The green bases are drying to the left of the foam and the wisteria stems are drying to the right.  And yes, I have some leftover tulips from my garden shed project on the top of the foam.  I will have to open an Etsy shop soon to sell all these extras I keep making!!

Why the glue was drying and there was no more room on my drying rack, I moved on to the inside of the book store, and started rolling my "vintage" maps.  I think I will tie some with old "cord" and stack some in tall baskets.  I love the vintage look of them though.  Again I have hundreds of maps made, I have to learn a little restraint!  That Etsy stop is getting closer to a reality!

I started testing out some of the documents and maps in the bookcase with the books I had added before.  I need to complete a lot more books, I like to see this bookshelf overflowing.  But it's nice to see the concept coming together. 

I still have to confirm the name for the shop as well, because the sign has to be attached before I can stabilize the wisteria vines.  I am thinking I will use one of more ancestor's names.  My Great great grandfather, who died the year my father was born, 1936, had an unusual name, Ephraim Titus.  It's actually a name from the Bible, but it kind of sounds more like a fatal disease to me!  But it definitely sounds old, so I am thinking:-
Ephraim Titus' Vintage Books & Maps.
I also have to think of a name for my second shop.  Danielle Steele wrote a book called Fine Things, which was about a man who ran a department store.  I've always liked the shop name ever since I read the book, and again I may add to this name for my shop. 
I purchased a laser cut hanging sign from "Grandpa's Dollhouse" during their recent Daily Deals promotion.  I still have to let Liz know what I want to have engraved on the sign.  I think I will use this sign for the second shop.  I am thinking, "Doreen's Fine Things", which is my mom's middle name.
One thing I did not do this week was shape leaves, I had enough of that the week before.  This is going to be one of these task I will definitely procrastinate on!  It's just so tedious and boring!
Again thank you to all those who take the time to read my blog and especially to those who leave comments, it's so much appreciated.
Until the next time.......

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Steinworks said...

I like your assembly line, it looks like things are coming along with the flowers..sorry about the snow ours is melting away as we speak.