Friday, January 31, 2014

The Bookstore?

I didn't get much done on my street scene this week due to business travel.  But I still have lots to show you on what I'd completed before.  One of the buildings in my street scene will be a bookstore...I think.  I had thoughts of a shop with old books, old documents, old maps, old scrolls but I can't seem to find a name for this type of shop.

I used a Houseworks three section unfinished bookcase I've had in my stash for some time now.  I stained it and have started to fill it with books.  I used a kit to make many books.  I had purchased the book kit in 1992, yes 1992, while on a business trip to North Carolina.  I visited the Gingerbread House of Miniatures and found a great kit, and I guess I was saving it just for this project. 



While in Europe last year I collected several copies of Miniaturas magazine, and one of the magazines had a page of book cover printies which I am also using to make books for this case. 

For the documents I printed copies of old maps and documents from the internet and reduced them down to scale.  I wanted them to look old so I used a scrapbooking product called Distressed Ink.  It was great for giving these maps an age patina.

I even aged a pile of blank pages that I could use underneath the stacks of printed documents.  Don't you like the effect this ink gives all the papers?
I would love some suggestions from all of my readers for a name for the store.  I have to finish the interior of this shop before I can finish the outside portion.
Until the next time......


Lucille said...

Beautiful work! I love the cabinet! The distressing is so well done! Sorry, I am at a loss as to a name for your store. If I think of something, I will let you know.

anna said...

It is very interesting to follow your beautiful project! I especially love books, and mini books of course! Per haps i can find a suggestion for a name :) You can also use strong dark tea to "age" papers..looks very nice too! :)

Debbie Gabura said...

I think a good name would be similar to one in NY "Old Scrolls Used and Rare Book Shop" Maybe a tad long but perhaps it will give you something to think about and come up with your own.

Eliana said...

Very nice!!!

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
The bookcase is terrific and I love the books you made. I have to look into that distress ink. I would name the bookstore in honor of your blog: So Mini Books.
Big hug,


Vivienne Garforth said...

Hi Wanda, Love your blog. I am in the processing of staining four of those bookcases at the moment for my miniature library. I worked out that I need to make or buy, 600 books to fill them. Yours look great. I will be back again and again.