Friday, June 15, 2012

Tulips for Dad

I am still working away on my flowers for the Garden shed, but I've been mainly concentrating on red and yellow tulips, they were my dad's favourite flower.  My dad was my mentor for my model building.  A good carpenter himself, he built several model ships that he proudly displayed in our family home and cabin.  He helped me assemble my first dollhouse and assembled the roof and glued on every shingle on my Queen Anne Victorian.

On the eve of Father's Day, I miss him so much, only having lost him in the past three months.  I can't look at a miniature project without thinking of him.  My entire Garden Shed project has become my tribute to him. He loved to work in his shed.

I've made over 60 yellow and red tulips to place around the garden shed with the many other flowers.  It's been a tedious job, but an absolute labour of love.

To every mini maker out there, if you still have your dad in your life, give him a big hug this weekend, I would love to be able to do that to my dad.

Until next time...........


anna said...

remember the good times! it is wonderful to have had such a great Dad! I am sure he will looking down to you!

Drora's minimundo said...

Lovely tribute to your father. It's wonderful when you have such good memories.
Hugs, Drora

Ilona said...

Very nice and wonderful tribute to your dad, Wanda! My dad also loved flowers very much. I still miss him (he diseased 6 years ago)!
Greetings, Ilona

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Un homenaje precioso Wanda, este fin de semana sin falta le doy un buen abrazo al mio.
Las flores preciosas. Un beso

Ascension said...

Un precioso homenaje, yo no puedo darle un abrazo al mio tampoco.
Unos preciosos tulipanes!!!
besitos ascension

Fabiola said...
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Fabiola said...

Wonderful tribute to your father.
I like tulips and yours are fantastic.
Bye Faby

Kathi said...

Your tulips are so pretty! I always wished I had a Dad like yours. I know you miss him. Your flowers are a wonderful tribute and I'm sure he would have loved them!

plants and flowers for dolls houses said...

These are lovely miniature flowers. What I can't imagine is how much time it took to make them!

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