Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank you Give-a-Way

I promised in my last posting to offer up a Give-A-Way to all the loyal followers who stuck with me while I was an absentee blogger.  I have checked through my stash and I've come up with this wonderful woven rug.  It's 8" x 11", so it's quite large, and it's woven in wonderful shades of burgundy, black, cream and blue.  I hope it will look wonderful in some miniature setting for one of my followers.  It's a machine woven rug with a lot of detail. 

So I hope it finds a home in another great spot of the world.  I look at where all my followers are located and there's a great group of people from everywhere.  It's so interesting to see followers from so many parts of the world.   I was so impressed with all the different places I thought I would share a couple pictures of the city where I live, St John's, Newfoundland, Canada.  You don't realize how beautiful your part of the world is, until you see it through the eyes of someone else.  Just look at these fantastic pictures of St John's.  From downtown St John's ......

to what we call here, the "Outer Battery".....

It's a beautiful and colourful city and province.  I am fortunate to live in this wonderful part of the world.  I have so much inspiration for my mini making just in these colourful homes.

If you notice in my profile picture it was photographed with these colouful homes in the background.

Again, thank you for your interest in my minis, I've been busy making flowers all week, so everything is still a work in progress, and nothing specific to show today.  Hopefully I will have more to show in the coming week.

So drop me a comment if your interested in putting your name in for the Give-A-Way.  I'll make the drawer on next Sunday, June 10th, so you have one week to enter to win. 

Again, thank you for your interest in the blog.

Until next time.....


Drora's minimundo said...

It's a most beautiful, colorful, city indeed. You can be proud of it.
Hugs, Drora

Drora's minimundo said...

I was so busy looking at your wonderful town, I forgot to mention how much I like your giveaway. Please count me in. I'll put your link on my blog.
Thanks and hugs, Drora

Fabiola said...

Im' a new follwer. I like your blog.
This rug is fabulous, perfect for my dining room. Please, count me in your giveaway. I put the link on my blog.
your city is fantastic! I like the colorful houses.
Bye Faby

Ascension said...

Me encantaria participar, es una preciosa alfombra.
Subo el enlace a mi blog.
besitos ascension

Ana said...

Vives un una ciudad muy bonita, tan llena de colores! te felicito. Tu sorteo es precioso, me encantaría participar, por favor cuenta conmigo, espero tener suerte, gracias Ana (mucuy)

Maria said...

I love how our town looks, the houses are very colorful. I can imaging you just get happy by walking on the streets and see all those lovely colors.
I would love to enter your Give-Away, that is a lovely detailed rug.
I will post a link on the sidebar of my blog.

Maria said...

Hihi, i wrote i love how our town looks, but i wanted the write your town. Mine is less colorful, but i love it too hihi.

carmen said...

acabo de descubrir tu blog y me quedo por aquí...puedo participar? lo subo a la barra lateral de mi blog

NarinaNäpertää said...

Hi _0/
I'm a new follower of your blog and I like what I see here :0)

This rug is so fabulous!
I'd LOVE to take part in your beautiful giveaway - so I hope you'll count me in(^^)

I'll put the link on my blog.

Your city look fantastic! I love these colorful houses - I would like to live there too..

MiniHugs, Irina

Ilona said...

I am a new follower, nice to meet you :)!
What a bright colors have those houses, I love it! I live in The Netherlands, but our houses are not so colorful as yours. I took a look at your blog, it is beautiful, my compliments.
The rug of your generous give away is beautiful, it would fit nicely in my canalhouse! I love to participate in your give away, so please, count me in for the draw. I put the link on my blog. Thank you.
Greetings, Ilona

Norma said...

I can just see that rug as the centrepiece on the floor in M Culat's bookshop, please count me in!

Love the colourful houses where you live, and they look to be all shapes and sizes too, makes for an interesting urban environment.

malu2 said...

Ya tienes una seguidora más!!!
acabo de descubrirte, me gustaría participar en tu sorteo, ahora pongo tu enlace en mi blog.
Desde España besos de las Malu´s.

cockerina said...

Hello Wanda, you live in a place of fabulous! that magnificent colors, I love the colorful houses! even the rock overlooking the sea has vivid colors, I love these photos immensely, thanks for sharing! the carpet is a great gift that you give to us all, but if I were not winning does not really, I am happy to see you, with your husband ... I told you that you two look like? the same cut of eyes ... :)
a kiss!

cristina said...

hola! me encanta el sorteo por favor cuenta conmigo,felicidades todo es muy lindo :)

Craftland said...

I'm thrilled your city is great. As colorful and as varied. I love the seaside foto. It must be great to live there.
I am a new follower and wants to win your great giveaway, please. The carpet is fantastic.
Hugs from Craftland

Francesca said...

Hi Wanda,
Here's a new follower from Italy!
I love your carpet and the coloured city!
Please count me in your wonderful give away!
I've just posted your link on my blog's sidebar :-D

Julia said...

Wanda es muy lindo lo que dices de tu ciudad,se ve que estas orgullosa de ella.Eso es hermoso!Vivir en un lugar que te hace feliz.
Me ha gustado el regalo que ofreces por ello me apunto al sorteo y lo llevo a mi blog.Gracias y un beso.

ANACORA said...

Hello, your city's fantastic!
Im' a new follwer. I like your blog very much.
Count me in your wonderful give away!

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Que variedad de colores, me encanta tu ciudad!!!
Y también me gusta mucho lo que sorteas, así que participo con tu permiso.
Ahora lo anuncio en mi blog.
BEsos y gracias.

leonor said...

Gracias por tu generosidad, y me anoto para el sorteo, espero viaje bastante hacia el sur (frontera USA y México) Suerte para todos
Leonor (brisaymar)
Mexicali, México