Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blooming flowers around the fallen fence

I've been doing very well in the workshop this week.  I've almost completed one section of the gardening on the shed.  I thought you would like to have a peak at my progress.

Sorry that the picture isn't clearer, I just realized this morning that I must have left my camera recharger in the hotel room on my last business trip, and unfortunately that was out of the country, so it's gone.  I had to go out searching for a new camera charger, but in the meanwhile I took this one picture with my I-Pad.  I'll take more with my camera once it's recharged!

I've used some of my handmade flowers, plus some I received from a swap last year, some purchased flowers and some foliage from full size flowers, where I just took a sprig from.  I like the overall look for the flower bed.  You can barely see the fence anymore. I'll try not to cover the fence in too much on the next side.  You can just see a peak of the forsythia I made from the inside of the fence.  Still have to add more flowers to that side before I show you that side.  But it looks like I will have to start making a lot more flowers, this one bed took up almost all my stash of flowers, and I need a lot more for this section, plus I have an even larger flower bed under the window box.  Looks like I will be busy at flower making, but I do love making the flowers.

You can see I have also completed the trim around the entire scene as well.  I was hoping to find some old barn board for this task, but I was not fortunate to find a piece worth using, so I took a regular molding and treated it with "Weather It" and it seems to have done the trick.

I hope you like my progress so far.  If you have any questions about the flowers, don't hesitate to ask. 

Thank for you all your kind comments about the chair I showed you in my last posting.  A couple people commented on the fabric.  I love it.  I found it at a local quilt shop, and I purchased a yard in two colours.  It has a real Victorian feel about it, but it's just brighten up with a little gold detailing in it, which makes it sparkle.  I don't know where I will use the second colour I purchased, it's green, but it's added to my large fabric stash now.

Until next time.....


Norma said...

You have been busy!! The garden is looking really lovely, makes me think of spring (we're coming into the cold winter months down here) and so makes me smile.

Couldn't help noticing your 'innocent' remark that you love making flowers!! They're my greatest dread - all those tiny bits!! I'm thinking of adding a rooftop studio with a little bit of garden of some description to the French propetry (altho I'm not yet quite decided about it) so if I do we might have some discussions about a swap so start thinking about what may consider fair exchange for flowers - just in case!!

Wanda said...

Norma, I'll gladly send you some mini flowers, just let me know what kind of flowers appeal to you and colour, etc. Thanks for your kind comments.

Lucille said...

Wanda, your flowers are gorgeous! I love that you have that certain setting that enables us to enlarge full screen. I was able to admire them to my heart's content. I love the assortment of colours that you have chosen!

Drora's minimundo said...

The flower bed is beautiful. I love the gorgeous flowers you make.
Hugs, Drora

Wanda said...

Lucille & Druro, Thank you for your kind comments. Lucille it's good to know my pictures can be enlarged. I had asked that question to readers first when I started the blog, I was unsure I had set it up correctly. I don't think I got a response back then, so now I know. Thanks so much.

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
I think you did a wonderful job on the arrangement. I can't tell which ones you made or which ones were purchsed...all of them look absolutely fantastic. Terrific job. I think making flowers for my dollhouse is the most overwhelnming...task after shingling the roof.
Have a great week, and keep the great posts coming,