Sunday, May 1, 2011

Give me a Daisy a Day

I've been busy repairing my tile job this weekend, but also continuing to make mini flowers in between.  You need something to do while the glue is drying!!

I just finished making Daisy Mums from a Bonnie Lavish kit.  I absolutely love assembling Bonnie Lavish flower kits.  They are laser cut and perfect to assemble.  I've tried other flower kits before, but nothing impresses me more than Bonnie's kits.

This is the finished results.  I've laid them in a flower pot to dry, but they will actually go in the garden around the shed, once I've made enough flowers. 

To check out more of Bonnie's kits go to .  I've completed several of her fushia kits, they are perfect.  I have several other kits that I have yet to assemble from Bonnie and from other artisans, so lots to work on yet.

I've also been making some flowers from scratch from patterns I've found in several miniature magazines.  These are still work in progress.

I added the instructions on how I made the paving tiles yesterday, and a few minutes later I returned and found I had five new followers.  Wow, thanks for taking an interest.  Also thanks for the great comments on the tutorial.

I would like to say welcome too:-

Petra at  She has a great tutorial on her site for making Hydrangea!
Annina at  For those who love modern miniatures, this is most definitely the spot to check out!
Marlie at  She is working on a fabulous built in piece in her room box. 
My Wee Life at  I see she is working on a Bonnie Lavish kit as well.
The final new follower appears to be following privately, which is still great, so whoever you are welcome to So Mini Projects, I hope you enjoy it!

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otterine said...

I love Bonnie Lavish kits, too! You've done a wonderful job with the daisies!