Saturday, August 28, 2010

More presents!!

Today is my birthday, and for those who are following my blog, you may have read that I was hoping for a drill because mine had stopped working.  But my fiance thought that a drill wasn't appropriate birthday gift because it's something we both would use, so instead I got a DREMEL TRIO!!!  Yippee!  I am so pleased with my new tool.  My fiance's rationale on this tool was that it was something only I would use, so it was okay to give this as a gift!  Well sweetie I don't understand the rationale, but thank you very much.  In the meanwhile, he still bought a drill for us both to use!!!  Go figure!  So now I have no excuse for finishing my garden shed.  A drill was the only thing holding me up. 

I also got a wonderful miniature gift from my fiance's brother and his wife.  They always seem to find me the most unusual and wonderful miniature items.  This time they found a group of 12 miniature pewter chairs that were meant to be dining placecard holders.  The would work perfect in a 1/24th scale setting.  There is three of each style in the box.  Now I have to put some thought into where I can use them.  I've never done a 1/24th scaled scene before.  But it's the first time for everything.

Now I have to go and do some trial work with the Dremel Trio before we go out to dinner!!  I am so pleased with my new gifts!


Pan said...

Happy Birthday Wanda :-)

Great gifts and the little chairs are so sweet.

Have a wonderful birthday weekend.

Heleni said...

Wanda, happy birthday to you.
What a very nice presents. The chairs are beautiful and the dremel is very handy.
Have fun with the presents.


BiWuBär said...

Happy birthday to you - and have fun with your presents.


Norma said...

Happy birthday! What great gifts you have, you're going to find lots do to with the new Dremel and the little chairs are very charming.

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Wanda, probably a little belated by now. What a great gift, look forward to seeing what you do with it!!

Clara said...

¡Felicidades! Te han acertado los regalos.
Besos Clara

Flora said...

Happy birthday: blessed you who sensitive relatives, who understand and nurture your interest ...
Mini hugs, flora

Marit said...

A bit late, but congratulations with your birthday! You have gotten such wonderful gifts!


Kim said...

Belated Happy Birthday- what wonderful gifts! The chairs are really pretty- and I'm drooling over your new Dremel Trio!

Maribel said...

Feliz cumpleaños! Los regalos son preciosos.

Lisa Lehr said...

They are so cute :) Maybe you can use some of them as child chairs? Not sure if the scale would be correct??