Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blogger Help

Sorry this is longwinded posting, but I need you help.

Since returning to Blogger in the past few months I've had a few hurdles that I hope you can help me with.  I follow all the blogs I've been reading through the Blogger Dashboard. Since I've discovered so many wonderful new blogs (new to me) in the past couple of months, I've discovered that the Blogger Dashboard has a 300 Blog maximum that you can follow and then it will not allow you to follow more, unless you delete some of the blogs you are following.  Now sorry, but that just won't do, delete blogs, no way. 

So I did a little searching and realized if you went to Google Reader instead, you can "subscribe" to more than 300 blogs (Okay so I'm at 697 blogs now!)  This is where my problem lies.  I realized at first when I added more blogs to read in Google Reader, that I was then able to read them through the Blogger Dashboard.

But lately, some of the blogs I've been following for years in Blogger Dashboard are not showing me all the postings from these blogs in Blogger Dashboard.  I like the appearance of Blogger Dashboard more than Google Reader (oops, sorry am I allowed to say  So I check Blogger Dashboard, and then I go to Google Reader to see what I've been missing.  That's a nuisance.  I would like to see all the blogs I am following "or subscribing too) in Blogger Dashboard, is this possible.

Another thing I notice is that some of the blogs I "subscribed" too in Google Reader show me as "anonymous" and not under my name, Wanda.  Now let's face it, I don't want to be "anonymous", especially when I leave you a comment, you may delete it!!

Lastly I noted in my comments section of Blogger Dashboard that there was a spam folder.  When I checked in the folder, I noticed that some followers comments to me had gone in there.  Simon, all your comments were there, and I moved them to the original folder.  Simon I know you had said that you couldn't comment on your own blog, maybe it's because your comments are also in your Spam folder. 

I know when I leave comments on some blogs, you have to add two words that you see on the screen to prove your comment is not Spam.  I find some of the words, are extremely difficult to read, and sometimes I have to try 2-3 times before I get one right.  Do followers have to do the same thing for my blog?  I know some blogs don't have this. Is it because there is someway to disable this feature.  It's a real nuisance.  It must discourage some folks from leaving comments.

I've tried googling these problems to see if there is anything I can change, but really haven't found any help.  Has anyone else experienced these problems?

I've fairly computer literate, but these new problems are challenging me.  Hope you can help me.

Until next time.....


anna said... pc expert,too...!! Some bloggers mentioned that they put up a second "phantom"/empty blog just to be able to follow more blogs ( haven't done that yet..but might to). I also don't get all updates of the blogs i follow...which is annoying-i agree with you!!!
There is a way to disable the "letter-number" verification. I did it- but have to remember myself now how...will lwet you know..if others aren't quicker :) it is not difficult, just have to find it again.. greetings Anne
ps..yes , one has to do it here!

anna said...

go to design
go to settings
go to post and comments

scroll down to :
Show word verification ?
check for NO !!!!!!!!!!!! i think , that's it!!
you can still keep the "Comment Moderation"...which means , you get the notification email that somebody commented and you decide whether to publish the comment or not!!

i hope, that's it..!!
Many greetings Anne

Wanda said...

Thanks Anna, I've made that change, now if I can only figure out the other issues. Thanks so much. Hopefully I won't be bombarded with Spam comments now!!

otterine said...

Google kicked all of us non-blogger blogs off the Friend Connect awhile back, so maybe that is why some people aren't showing up in your dashboard anymore. I know I've lost a lot of readership because of it. I, too, have to use both the dashboard and reader to view the blogs I follow. I can't help with the other issues since I'm not using the blogger interface. :\

nicole said...

hi I think I can help on the anonymous part. When you add a blog to follow a window pops up that asks you if you want to follow the blog as you or anonymous. You might have hit the anonymous option by mistake. I believe if you select the blog so it comes up on the dashboard and the select the little gear in the corner you should be able to change the settings to following it as you. But worse case scenario would be that you remove the blog and immediately re-follow it and put it under your name this time. I really hope that helps. I'm new to blogger but I believe that is how it works. :)

John said...

I can't offer any help, but can sympathize as I have problems with blogger, too! Hey, thanks for reading my blog from the beginning!

Wanda said...

Thanks everyone, I've fixed what I can and I you've offered good explanations for the items I can't fixed. Guess I will have to continue to use both the Dashboard and Google reader. I think I have the anonymous thing fixed too. Thanks again.

Simon said...

Hi Wanda
How strange. I just checked and saw the Spam thing you mentioned and once opened I saw a few "junk" comments, the sort of email you might receive in your private email address). I'm afraid i am no good at the techie side of thing, honey.
Good luck, as Im sure it will be my problem too one day LOL

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Siento no poder serte útil Wanda, a mi también me da problemas blogger con los comentarios y no puedo seguir a todos los blogs como antes desde el escritorio, no se me actualizan con la nueva interfaz, es un rollo.
Espero que se solucione todo pronto y por si sólo. Besos.

Norma said...

I hope you've got some of this sorted by now Wanda. My thinking about the 'phantom' blog solution is that it will only work if you also set up another profile, after all the supposed 300 limit relates to your profile, not to your blog.

One solution to the number of blogs you are following is to choose to receive post notification by email where that option is offered rather than 'join' them using the Google connect system. Post notifications are more reliable that way too but not all blogs offer it.

I usually 'join' mini blogs using the Google system still but more and more I'm using the alternatives for the decor inspiration and miscellaneous blogs. Also I find that those blogs are more likely to have the email option available, especially for those with large followings.

Another alternative is to set up a folder in your Bookmark/Favourites for blogs and just get into the habit of checking them regularly, say once a week, and 'follow' what's going on without actually joining the blog in the way we've become accustomed to thru Google.