Monday, October 4, 2010

Castle Progress

I seem to have put my garden shed on the back burner to work on the castle.  I've finally tidied my workroom, found a spot for the castle, dryfitted everything again, and started doing more carving.  I completed one more wall, and the two sets of stairs.  I wanted to show wear on the stairs from centuries of walking up and down.  I hope it comes clear in the pictures.

Now I have all the interior walls carved in the main room except the wall that I will be panelling.  So now I have to get the panelling glued together.  It was so inspiring seeing all the walls come together, I wanted to play with the furniture and get a sense of how much I needed.  I have one chair (shown in the tower room) and the sofa table now, all the other pieces I placed in the castle belong to other projects.  I just wanted to get a good idea of how much the room will hold.

I found a great picture in a magazine that has given me the inspiration for the room.  I love the tower room in the picture, and I really love the upholstered ottoman.  I want to replicate these pieces for my castle room.

I have one new follower to welcome.  Have a look at Chris's blog at  She's been a busy blogger with two other blogs as well.
Chris, thanks for taking an interest in my blog.

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Janice said...

The stairs and walls look fantastic. The carving has great definition, is it cardboard? Amazing work.
The pieces you have put in the room will look just right together.
It is hard not to start playing isn't it. I have just done the same......but it is a pain when you get back to work and have to remove everything as the spaces in the cupboard where they were stored seem to have been filled strangely!

Wanda said...

Thanks for the kind comments Janice. The material is builder's foam. I still have to paint it, it comes in the pink colour you see in the photo. It's also available in blue or white. Very easy to work with but it dulls your blade quickly. It's also very inexpensive which is great.

Lataina said...

I love how its coming together. Can't wait to see when those fabulous personal touches start dressing the room. =)

Evelien said...

It looks great already! Love how you put the furniture in (temporary) place and am also curious how it will look painted and decorated!

groetjes Evelien

Tallulah Belle said...

Well I have to say I've spent the most enjoyable time going back though these posts and catching up.

I really do love every bit of it and can't wait to see more progress.

All ready for your wedding ? You'll have to tell us more about it soon :-)

Wanda said...

Thanks for the kind comments Tallulah Belle. The wedding is only 17 days away and I am getting very excited. It's just a small wedding with family and close friends, but I can't wait!
Thanks again!

Monique said...

Oooh your room is wonderfull ! And we get a very good idea how it will be with furniture.

Debbie said...

Your Castle is coming on beautifully. But I don't know how you've found the time, with getting ready for your wedding...xxxx

PAKY said...

the castle looks great! I like the stairs very much! greetings