Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Real life has been getting in the way of my mini-ing again.  Since my last post I've been to North Carolina with a quick stop over in New York and Toronto. Yes I know that these are all in different locations, but you would have to understand how traveling from an island in the middle of the Atlantic can be challenging at times.  Sometimes you have to go further east to get further south?!?

I've also been finishing up one more online course.  I'm actually supposed to be writing my final today, but their web site has gone to kill some time while I wait, what better thing to do than blog to all of you.  (Okay, now I'm rhyming, totally unintentional!)

While in North Carolina attending a furniture show, I saw these interesting looking items filling a glass jar in a supplier's showroom.  Don't they look like miniature pumpkins?  All the supplier representatives I work with are very familiar with my hobby, so when I notice these things they are always prepared.  They told me to grab a handful to take.  Don't they look perfect for a miniature Halloween or fall project.

Not sure what they really are, they are extremely light weight and feel like seed pods.  But my miniature mind saw pumpkins!  The scale is perfect.

I was walking through a Home Office section at another supplier's showroom and noticed that the stationary in the filing trays on one of the desk appeared to have a pattern on the underside.  When I turned the page over I saw this beautiful cream and black print.  Isn't it a perfect miniature wallpaper.  Excellent, I got another offer to take a few pages, so now I have four pages of this lovely print.

Don't know where I'll use it, so for now it's just added to the stash.

I was able to squeeze in a quick stop at Hobby Lobby where I picked up more strip wood.  They had a sale on their miniature line so I got a few miniature lights perfect for pot lights and a box of mold making compound.  That will be great when I get back to the bakery all the many duplicates of baked goods I will need.

Until the next time.....

Happy Halloween


otterine said...

We miniaturists see minis everywhere! :D I have a few of those pods, too...forgot to get them out this year. Ah, well. Happy Halloween!

PILAR6373 said...

Si que parecen calabazas,son geniales!! La impresión me gusta mucho,seguro que encontrarás un sitio adecuado donde utilizarlas!!