13 Years Ago Today

 I know I've been a very dilinquent blogger, but something lead me to my own blog today.  I discovered that my first post was 13 years ago today.  At the time I thought I was alone in my miniature world here in Newfoundland, but the blog opened me up to many more miniaturist across the world.  I've only found a couple of miniaturist here in Newfoundland, but I've been fortunate to meet and connect with many across the world since then.  If you want to look at my first post, you can find it here.

At that time the garden shed looked like this..

Eventually it got completed to look like this...

There have been many projects since that day. I'm still making miniatures everyday and posting on Instagram every day, but unfortunately time has not allowed me to write a post regularly, which I am sorry.

Here are a few images of what I'm been working on over the past few months in my Create Year Long Challenge.  I'm renovating my first miniature house, the one that started it all.


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