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Create's Year Long Challenge

I've began in earnest on my Create Year Long Projects.  For the 1/12th scale house my schedule was to do the following Week 1:  Repair the siding Week 2: Paint the siding where required. So was I able to accomplish those first two week goals?  Will I put my head project manager, Linfield on the task and he did oversee the replacement of the siding. The paint used on the house is Old Sturbridge Village's Townhouse Ivory.  It was an oil based paint that is now a 30 year old plus can of paint.  Believe it or not I was able to shake and stir the can of paint.  But I have yet to apply the paint.  Being oil based, I'm hoping to be able to do it on a day when I can open a window and ventilate the room, which I haven't had in January so far! Over the years the siding has shifted so you can see every panel.  I don't plan to remove it now, it was applied with contact cement.  I think I will add vines and ivys to conceal some of these panel joins. Since I was not able to accom

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