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Pickett Hill - Living Room

The next room in Pickett Hill is the Living Room.   It's filled with interesting furniture kits from Robin Betterley, including the resin chair and the wooden framed settee.  The sofa again was to be filled with cushions, but you know by challenge with the 1/48th scale cushions, some What I love about the living room kits is all the small accessory kits that came with the furniture kits, including this little lamp and books. The beautiful writing desk has lots of details including books and letters. The second end table is also filled with small books and letters. One of the dreaded wooden baskets is in the living room filled with throws for a frosty night. Again the rug was available for the living room area. Loved the small grandfather clock for this room. Tucked in the corner is the great reading nook made from a paneled door and wallpapered with book paper. The entire room is papered in this outdoor mural paper, which stretches from the first to the second floor.  Y

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