Friday, June 18, 2010

My workroom

I didn't get a chance to work at my garden shed today. We were able to change the blade in my Easy Cutter, which wasn't an easy task, but it has been accomplished.

I've been actively reading many blogs tonight, and I thought I would share pictures of the room that I use to create my miniatures. I renovated my workroom in January using Michael's Arts & Crafts storage cubes and a sheet of laminated board. I'm very pleased with the results. It's always a little untidy in the room, but I have lots of storage.

Unfortunately I left my computer memory stick at work, so I can't upload the pictures to my blog, but I can offer a link to my photo album online instead.

Just click on each picture to see larger images, or use the slide show feature.

Tomorrow I have a busy day working on the doors and roof for the garden shed. Hopefully I will have more to show you on the garden shed at that time.

I do have one new follower to welcome:-

Ana Rosa,

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Debbie said...

Just been over to your album for a peek. Your work room looks lovely so much space and so tidy. x

Wanda said...

Yes Debbie I am fortunate to have so much space, but it's still overflowing, and it's not always tidy. Took the pictures on a good day!!! But it's a light filled room, even if it's in the basement, which is what I love!

Irene said...

I'm always very envious of anyone who posts pics of their workroom - I'm having to wait till No 1 son leaves home(!) and I love your assortment of wood and storage box for that. These Ikea boxes look ideal and I've stored that little idea away for the future.

Wanda said...

Those storage boxes work great for me. I've gotten the larger red boxes at IKEA and the smaller ones at Michael's Arts & Crafts (which I think is only in North America). The work table itself was also made from wood storage cubes that I stacked and they were also from Michael's, but I am sure there is something comprible at IKEA. We don't have an IKEA in Newfoundland, so I only get to one when travelling. The workroom is a great improvement over my workspace in previous homes! I have some really terrible pictures from 20 years ago that would be very amusing!! Thanks!

maria said...

i looked at your photo album and i really like your workroom, i ccan imagine you spend lots of nice creative ours in there.

Evelien said...

O my, that's a lovely room! So light and spacious and everything in reach, great!!

The little cart with supplies looks very handy too. Did you make it yourself?

groetjes Evelien

Wanda said...

Hi Evelien, The storage cart for my supplies was also from Michael's Arts & Crafts. I love this so much. It's on wheels, so I can move it to wherever I am working and keep my tools off my work space, but close at hand. I don't know if you have Michael's in your area. I know it's in Canada and the US. Actually all the storage cubes supporting my work surface came from Michael's. They all had to be assembled, but were really easy to do. All of them, including the storage cart, was a Christmas gift from my family. Prior to this I worked on two folding tables, and it was a big mess!! I love it now.